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Hidden PLR (Dime Sale!)

As the video above explains.

Hidden PLR is a proven 3-step process that you can implement quickly and easily to help you sell more copies of any licensed product to end customers, than you have ever sold before.

WARNING: If you don’t follow this process and blindly continue trying to sell exactly what you’ve been given in a PLR Package… Then you risk losing out on thousands of dollars in sales revenue. Period.

SOLUTION: Make sure you download and follow the Hidden PLR 3-step system today and discover how to make maximum sales in minimum time with any PLR licensed product you already have… Or may get in the future, thanks to what you will discover in this new 1 hour and 20 minute video.

Do that now safe in the knowledge that you are being guided through each step of the process by someone that has over 20 years of experience selling licensed products.

Hidden PLR was originally intended to be part of a new physical $197 home study course about the entire licensing business that I intend to officially release later in the year.

But, right now, you can pick up the Hidden PLR video and transcript for a ‘steal of a deal’ via this special ‘dime sale’ offer today.

However, please understand that as this is a ‘dime sale’ which means that each time a copy of Hidden PLR is sold… The price increases.

This special offer has been set up in this way to reward ‘action takers’ … Who are the exact type of people I enjoy working with and help grow their business.

To ensure you have everything you need to get started, when you request your copy of Hidden PLR 3-step system today you will also receive a valuable bonus package.

A set of 7 fantastic special reports together with corresponding sales letters and the full Private Label Rights.

Meaning that, even if you’re just getting started and you have never bought a license to a PLR product before now… You will have everything you need to get started immediately.

You could easily be asked to invest $47 - $97 for a package of special reports like these with Private Label Rights… But instead, I’d like to make them my gift to you, for taking prompt action, investing in your education and requesting your copy of Hidden PLR via the special offer dime sale.

Plus, to give you complete reassurance about grabbing your copy of Hidden PLR immediately, I want to make you a promise:

If you are not personally thrilled with everything you’ll learn and discover within “Hidden PLR”…You are fully covered by my personal promise and guarantee… Simply pop a quick email over to either myself or one of my team within the next 30 days to let us know and we will refund your investment in full.

You’ll also be welcome to keep the bonus package of the 7 special reports, together with the private label rights license to each of them, with our compliments.

That way you really do have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in Hidden PLR today.

Here's What Others Are Saying About This

Trevor Emdon

"I love it... Your program is really helpful... You've even covered the matter of pricing which I was never sure about previously... Definitely gets 5 stars."

Melody Baker

"This is an "AMAZING" product. I've finally found a product that is exactly as it's promoted. I have already submitted the 4 main pdf's and have had a couple of clicks on them."

David Baer

"Hidden PLR is terrifically instructive... it's inspired me to improve what I do in the future. Plus, there were several terrific nuggets of information that were completely new, and very smart in how and where to make adjustments"

Kobus duPlessis

"I love this product... picking up some valuable "nuggets" i hope to get around and some changes on the materials that i got."

Khodor Ghalayini

"I have bought a lot of PLR products before priced at $17, but none of them gave me that AHA moment. Nick's PLR was priced at $5 during launch and the amount of value they give is literally priceless. You get this feeling that you own the world for such a cheap price. When the focus is on the Value the price becomes just a number. After seeing the value which I got on the front-end, I couldn't help myself but buy the Product Licensing Formula upgrade which turned out to be a NO-BRAINER."

Melissa Rezza

"Nick showed me several tips and tricks for using my PLR that I hadn't thought of before. It's a great product, and just what I needed to get me going."

Mounzer El-Achmar

"... a simple and easy to follow guide on how to turn something, that many people have, collecting dust on their hard drives into a source for considerable income"

Gabrielle Terris

"...excellent training... well thought out and delivered. Really excited to get this going."

Get your copy of Hidden PLR today and once you see the practical, logical and effective steps - not to mention all the extra sales that you could be making… I’m sure you’re going to be an extremely happy customer. J

Whatever price the Dime Sale price reaches, the low investment in dollars and cents for “Hidden PLR”...  I guarantee, it will always definitely be worth it…

Hidden PLR (Dime Sale!)


Nick James

PS. The worst thing to happen right now is you DON’T get the Hidden PLR 3-step system and instead you try to muddle along and continue trying to work out how to do this by yourself…

… Pass up this opportunity today… and ‘yes’ you might save a couple of bucks now…  But you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of time… and miss out on thousands of dollars profit, because of lost sales.

Your best decision is to grab your copy of “Hidden PLR” right now and lock yourself in at the lowest possible price.

PPS. If you have questions, you can message me here. I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Just realize the price will continue to increase each time a copy is sold. So, you may want to get your copy right now.

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